GSC Supplies Order Form

GSC’s must submit order forms by the 20th of every month. Each center should not submit more than one form per month. If there is something needed not on the list and cannot be purchased with petty cash, contact the GSC area manager.

The first page of the form includes various paper and cleaning supplies while the second page includes sanitizing, PPE, and First Aid supplies. 

If you have a new GSC employee or individual in Project Connect who needs an ID badge and lanyard, please email Jona (

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Price: $3.80
1 ream of copy paper (500 sheets) Office City OCESPX5000
Price: $48.95
6 count
Price: $38.93
8 count
Price: $34.44
1 Carton 100 Bags Office City GJ001533
Price: $59.61
1 Carton 200 Bags Office City GJ001759


Price: $10.29
1 Gallon
Price: $3.73
1 bottle
Price: $2.99
1 Bottle
Price: $8.98
1 Gallon
Price: $60.00
6 count


Price: $7.42
1 Toilet Bowl Brush Office City RCP631000WE
Price: $6.24
Price: $40.39
1 Dust Mop Office City GJ054101
Price: $10.19
1 Dust Mop Head
Price: $0.00
1 Angle Broom Office City GJO09570
Price: $0.00
1 Upright Dust Pan Office City GJO85136
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