C.A.R.E. is Goodwill of South Central Ohio’s home care services program for individuals with disabilities. C.A.R.E. operates similar to an “Agency with Choice” to empower the individual and family with personnel decisions. Our program is available with all 3 waivers (Level 1, I/O, and Self) and local funding in our 8-county service region (Athens, Fayette, Hocking, Jackson, Ross, Pickaway, Pike, and Vinton).

Ohio Shared

Ohio Shared Living is often called OSL for short. It provides an option for someone with a developmental disability to get the support they need while living with a paid caregiver.

Caregivers make long-term commitments to sharing a home, helping with daily routines, and inviting someone with a developmental disability to be part of their family, resulting in lifelong relationships. OSL caregivers support people with developmental disabilities in a home setting, either the home of the live-in caregiver or the home of the person accessing services.

Homemaker Personal Care

Homemaker/Personal Care, often called HPC, supports a person to be more independent while meeting their daily living needs. Direct service providers help people with household chores and personal care, including things like:

  • Getting dressed and keeping clean
  • Making food
  • Cleaning and doing laundry
  • Getting out and being a part of the community
  • Helping people to get to medical and dental appointments or other health care services

HPC also includes support to improve a person’s ability to express their opinions and choices.

Assistive Technology

Our C.A.R.E. team provides assistance to individuals and families in obtaining assistive technology and other assistive items.

Typically, the request should first be communicated to your SSA for approval. Then you and the SSA can contact Goodwill C.A.R.E. for a quote. Upon approval, the item(s) needed are ordered, shipped directly to the individual, and the waiver/funding source is billed.

HPC Transportation

Transportation services may be available based on an understanding of a person’s needs discovered during an assessment then listed in their individual service plan.

Whenever possible, family, friends, neighbors, or community agencies who provide transportation without charge should be used first.

I’m in! What do I do?

Call us at 740-702-4000 to learn more about C.A.R.E. and eligibility.