Chillicothe cinema’s leading man loves helping others

Sometimes all someone wants to do is help others. Even if that’s picking up stuff around the yard, being someone to talk to and joke around with, or just having a consistent presence in some people’s lives. Brian Park is that someone.

Brian has been attending to the Ross Goodwill Services Center for quite some time. While there he has been learning a wide array of different skills like money management, laundry, and cooking. But overall, Brian has been able to accomplish his biggest goal, helping people.   

Brian has been a friend of the Chillicothe movie community for at least 20 years, working for Danbarry for the longest time. When Danbarry closed due to the pandemic, he was a bit heartbroken.

“I really like the movies and helping there,” Brian said. “Work really makes the days go by faster.”

Goodwill was able to provide Brian with transportation for work when needed both before and after Covid. It also allowed him to continue helping people as he participates in Goodwill’s Handy Helpers program which was piloted in the midst of the pandemic. Although he’s back at Danbarry now, he continues to work with Handy Helpers on some of the days he doesn’t work in the evening.

“I like being able to help people, at Goodwill or Danbarry,” Brian said. “I like getting to see people, and the other staff are really nice. I haven’t had any problems, and I get to make a little money while being able to help out others.”

Brian currently works with new Danbarry owner Josh Willett and General Manager Abe Leonard. They both knew most of the employees they wanted were those who originally worked there before the eight-month closure due to the pandemic and then renovations after Josh purchased the theater.              

“When we took over and bought the theater from the previous owners, we were given a list that had names of previous workers. With Abe already being hired and our general manager he recognized some of the names on there,” Josh said.

“It was funny because Brian, from his time before, we always called him Tuesday Brian. Because at the time he only worked on Tuesdays. Brian is what made Tuesdays, our regulars know him, he’s recognizable,” Abe said

Danbarry’s new management and owners have nothing but praise for Brian and his work ethic.

“When we started the renovations, there was a section of carpet from the concessions to the office that we had to fully replace. The concessions floor is covered with popcorn, butter, and salt. The employees will track it across that section of carpet when heading to the office, so I’m really particular about it myself,” Josh said. “Brian, since we replaced it, keeps the entire lobby, of course, spotless. In that section specifically, he keeps extra clean. It’s the little things like that, that Brian pays attention to.”

Aside from Brian’s work ethic, Josh also enjoys seeing moviegoers connect with Brian. Many stop and talk with him because they’ve grown to know him from the years he’s worked in Chillicothe’s theaters.

“He’s Tuesday Brian. He’s so recognizable and when people come in and tell him hello, or he says hi to them, or after a movie he asks them how it was and tells them, ‘Goodbye, drive safe.’ That friendliness and familiarity is what I’d like you to feel every time you walk into Danbarry’s theater,” Josh said. His positive demeanor and great work ethic have made Tuesdays, and now Thursdays, really special for Danbarry.  

“Goodwill has helped me a lot. Danbarry is a lot of fun to work at. I really enjoy getting to help those around me,” Brian said.

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