New Employee Orientation

91 students

Welcome to Goodwill!


The new employee orientation will cover:

  • The Basics
  • Benefits
  • Behavior and Discipline
  • Safety
  • Department specific orientation

You should have received a copy of the employee handbook. If you have not, ask your manager/supervisor to print one for you to keep. You also can look at it here as you complete the orientation as the handbook will be necessary to complete your orientation quiz.

You will have a quiz after completing orientation. Upon completion, print your quiz results or certificate, sign it, and give it to your manager/supervisor.

If you have questions after reviewing the handbook and completing orientation, talk with your manager/supervisor. If he/she is unsure of the answer, call Human Resources Coordinator Kim Hoffman at 740-702-4000 Ext. 126 or email her at

To begin, first click “enroll” below. Your list of lessons are under the curriculum tab above. You will need to complete them in order and choose the appropriate benefits lesson according to your status as part time or full time.