Donation Drive

Goodwill donation drives are excellent community service projects as well as fundraisers for businesses, schools, community organizations, city municipalities, civic associations, faith-based congregations, colleges and universities, and booster clubs. When you partner with Goodwill of South Central Ohio for a donation drive, you will earn funds for your organization while also helping the environment by keeping items out of landfills AND help support our mission to partner with individuals with disabilities and challenges to help them lead the lives they envision.

How it works:

Social service agencies, schools and churches partner with Goodwill to host a donation drive. The drive can be an ongoing collection box at your organization or a one-day or multiple-day donation drive event. Goodwill handles delivery and pickup of 4×4 foot boxes called gaylords used to collect the donations.

How much can we earn? 

Once collected, Goodwill will weigh the donations and pay the organization 12 cents per pound. While the weight of a full gaylord varies based on the types of donations inside, on average they weigh 400 pounds.

What does Goodwill provide?

Aside from providing gaylords to collect donations, Goodwill also will provide marketing assistance for your donation drive. Goodwill will assist by providing you a flier to distribute and social media images. Goodwill also will promote your drive through its corporate Facebook page and the store page in your community. We also will send a press release to local media.

If desired, someone from our workforce development team also can meet with you or others at your organization to share more details about how we can help people prepare for, secure, and retain employment!

Who do we contact? 

Goodwill requires a minimum of two weeks’ notice to organize a donation event so we can assist with promoting the drive and schedule staff. Call Cathy Jordan at 740-702-4000 Ext. 186 or email her at to set up a donation drive!

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