Donation Drive

Donation drives are an easy way to both give back to the community and help the environment. By donating to Goodwill, you help keep unwanted items our of landfills. Sale of those items supports our mission to partner with individuals with disabilities and challenges to help them lead the lives they envision.

When items don’t sell in stores, we pursue other ways to keep items out of landfills such as cutting cotton t-shirts into cleaning rags to sell to local businesses and recycling items such as books, clothing, and stuffed animals.

Goodwill donation drives are excellent community service projects for businesses, schools, community organizations, city municipalities, civic associations, faith-based congregations, colleges and universities, and booster clubs.
If you are planning to do a donation drive, let us know at least three weeks in advance so we can discuss how we may be able to help with pickup of donations, and, if your drive is open to the public, share details about it on our social media accounts!

Call us at 740-702-4000 Ext. 137 or email