Need employees?

Need employees? We can help!

Goodwill’s CARF-accredited community employment services program is working with scores of individuals across the region who are ready and willing to work! We help get them ready for you and continue helping when needed!

Trusted Partner

Since 1959, Goodwill of South Central Ohio has worked with a population that is often overlooked and untapped by employers. While hiring individuals with disabilities can feel like a risk to some, Goodwill can help you create an inclusive workplace safely and efficiently often at no cost! An employer study by Job Accommodation Network indicated 59% of employers spent nothing to accommodate an employee with disabilities. Costs reported didn’t exceed $500 per employee with a disability.

Benefits of hiring those with disabilities include:

  • Attaining dependable, loyal employees
  • Goodwill providing training and support for your new employee if needed
  • Generating positive consumer sentiment and improved employee morale.
  • Possible tax benefits
Over the past two years, we have worked with at least 100 employers across our 8-county region. Since the individuals we assist have varied interests and a range of skills, our business partners have spanned a variety of fields including retail, food service, healthcare, veterinary, car dealerships, insurance, and manufacturing. We have worked with small, local businesses like Paper City Coffee in Chillicothe; retail chains like JC Penney, and manufacturers like EG Industries in Circleville.

I'm in! What do I do?

Call Goodwill at 740-702-4000 and ask to talk with the workforce supervisor or missions coordinator. We are available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays.

Like free help?

While Goodwill’s goal often is securing community employment for many of the individuals we serve, there are other ways businesses can partner with us.

Community-Based Assessments:

In short, a community-based assessment provides employers free help temporarily with no risks while Goodwill assesses a person’s work skills. The assessment helps us determine strengths and weaknesses of an individual to increase the likelihood of a successful job placement.

A community-based assessment involves:

  1. Goodwill taking on 100% of liabilities for the individual if something happens.
  2. A Goodwill Job Coach staying with the individual evaluating and making sure the job duties you assign are completed correctly.
  3. Goodwill paying for the individual’s hours worked at your business during the assessment.
  4. The individual working at your business for up to 40 hours over two weeks, preferably in 4-hour shifts. (negotiable)
  5. The individual wearing whatever uniform or safety equipment is required by the business of its employees.
  6. The business being able to end an assessment agreement at any time.

Summer Youth:

Each summer, Goodwill works with youth for a five-week Summer Youth program in a Goodwill store or a partnering business. The program often provides youth their first paid work experiences and is designed to teach them the skills they need to be quality employees. Typically, there are up to four individuals paired with a Job Coach and the process between Goodwill and the business operates in much the same manner as a community-based assessment.

Career Exploration:

Essentially career exploration is a job shadowing experience. We assess the individuals who come to us for help to determine what types of jobs
they may like to do. We then look to connect with employers within those fields to arrange a visit.

A career exploration visit:

  1. Includes two people – the individual and a Goodwill Workforce Development employee.
  2. Lasts about an hour.
  3. Involves the individual talking with someone at the business about different jobs.
  4. Allows the individual to shadow an employee doing their job.
  5. If possible, participation in a brief hands-on job experience while there.
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