Goodwill, Canal Industries combine day services centers

Goodwill’s adult day services center for individuals with disabilities in Waverly will combine efforts with the Canal Industries center on Clough Street starting Oct. 2.

The majority of staff from both operations will continue working as direct service professionals (DSPs) at the combined operation which will be called the Goodwill Pike Services Center. Brenda Tomlison will continue in her role with Goodwill as center manager and be joined by Becky Stevens from Canal who will be the combined center’s assistant manager. Canal’s program manager, Jeff Davis, will join Goodwill’s senior leadership team as a special projects coordinator.

Programs the individuals have come to expect and love at both centers will continue. There will be outings, skills training, and various activities at the center and in the community.

“We are excited about the opportunities this brings and will be making improvements to the Clough Street facility to make it a brighter, nicer place,” said Goodwill CEO Marvin Jones. “We look forward to getting to know our new staff and individuals.”

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