Goodwill staff responds to call for medical help

Golden Corral is a favorite lunch spot for our Chillicothe Activities and Training Center, but their trip on Jan. 26, 2022, became much more than a routine trip for tasty food when one of our activities specialists was called on during a medical emergency.

Kyesha Lynch was getting dessert for an individual who attends the center when a server rushed up to her, confirmed she was from Goodwill and asked if she knew CPR. Kyesha, who started with Goodwill as a job coach during Summer Youth in 2021, had recently gotten her CPR certification when she transferred to work in the Chillicothe center and immediately rushed to help.

“I try to stay calm, cool and collected in the moment. I just dropped everything,” Kyesha said.
The server took her to a woman who Kyesha said was having a seizure. While the woman didn’t need CPR, Kyesha sprang into action to ensure the woman was safe until EMS arrived.

“I just helped her and lifted her head up like you’re supposed to to keep her airway open,” Kyesha said, adding she requested towels to tuck under the woman’s head and a cool cloth. “My mom has grand mal seizures, so I know what to do.”

When EMS arrived, the woman’s seizure was over and she was OK, Kyesha said.
“I’m glad I was there, and I could help her,” Kyesha said.

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