Job at Longhorn provides independence

Ben smiled as he shared a perk about his job at Longhorn Steakhouse drying and wrapping silverware – delicious desserts.

“I like working here. I really do,” Ben said. “It makes me feel good. I wish I could be out working in the community more.”

Ben, who has cerebral palsy and is legally blind due to glaucoma, said Goodwill Employment Specialist Matt Montgomery “worked hard” to find him a job opportunity in the community. It’s a welcomed chance, especially for a man who doesn’t like to sit around and dreams of having a full-time job.

“I know I have limitations, but everybody has limitations,” said Ben, who continues to receive on-the-job support from Goodwill Job Coach Treva Tomlin. “I think everyone should have a chance at community employment if they want it. Even the disabled.”

Getting that chance, though, means more employers need to be open to employing those with disabilities, he said.

When not working at Longhorn, Ben still goes to Goodwill’s Activities and Training Center in Chillicothe where he enjoys having the chance to socialize with friends he’s made.

“I don’t just want to sit at home day in and day out,” Ben said. “It gives me something to do instead of just sitting at home.”

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