Logan teen snags job during assessment process

Getting a job often takes more time than we’d like, but 18-year-old Jesse got his first one within two weeks of meeting with our Employment Specialist Miranda Winchell in September.

Miranda attributes the unusually quick turnaround not just to Jesse’s work ethic and willingness to learn, but also to Goodwill’s great long-term partnership with Millstone Southern Smoked BBQ in Logan.

“They’re so accepting, open, and willing to help people learn. Their team is knowledgeable in the DD world,” Miranda said, noting Millstone also works with kids in DD programs at Logan area schools.

Jesse and Miranda began a three-day community-based assessment on Sept. 21 where she helped him learn the dish tank, cleaning, and food prep.

“It was helpful. Sometimes I get confused and she’d remind me of what I needed to do,” Jesse said.

Before the assessment was complete, Jesse had been interviewed by Millstone Manager Mandy Reeves and offered a job which he began on Sept. 28. Obtaining a placement during an assessment is so rare, no one on our team could remember having one within recent memory, Miranda said.

Jesse is excited to begin building his work experience and earning money as he contemplates pursuing a career as a mechanic. Miranda also connected him with a mechanic program at Tri-County Vocational School (paid for through Job and Family Services) which he can begin within the next year.

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