Spring Cleaning Provides a Fresh Start

By Matt Paxton and Goodwill

As the weather warms and flowers bloom, thoughts turn to exchanging the drabness and darkness of winter for the bright freshness of spring. The annual ritual of spring cleaning has deep roots associated with various cultures and traditions. Today, the exercise of deep cleaning in springtime is practiced by over 75% of Americans with many consumers saying spring is the perfect time to shop.

Whether you plan to rejuvenate your home or refresh your wardrobe (or both!), include Goodwill in your spring plans. You can help give people in the community a fresh start through job training and placement, which is supported by donating to and shopping at Goodwill stores.

My experience lives beyond just letting things go. I help thousands of people declutter every single year. Are you holding onto things that you can’t seem to let go? We keep stuff because of the memories and people attached to those items or what we hope people will think about us for the items. Focus on your real life, your actions, your experiences and the stories, the memories, NOT the stuff. Spring is the perfect time for this. Utilize the tips below to get ready for spring and let your things help others start new lives.

  • Renew and Reset. It’s time refresh your life and spring is the perfect time. Start decluttering the items you bought for past hobbies that you no longer need. Donate or sell the new fitness and sports equipment to give new life. Spring cleaning isn’t just for your closet, it’s for your life. Consider tossing out unhealthy winter habits to shape up for spring! Pick up some workout clothes after donating to Goodwill. Be a game changer for someone in your community by donating and shopping at Goodwill for your gear.
  • “Did I Really Wear It?” Reality check. Let go of the things that no longer fit, or you don’t plan on wearing. Even if it doesn’t happen during spring cleaning always keep a basket in your closet to make donations easy. Working from home these days? Donating business attire can give someone in your community a chance to rock their interview or first day at a new job.
  • Power up and change your community. Donate your gently used electronics for someone else to enjoy and be a sustainable shopper by picking up something new for yourself! Upgraded your appliances? Check with your local Goodwill to see if they can assist with pickup. If you plan on having the family over for a spring get-together, look to Goodwill for your party planning needs.

By donating to Goodwill during this spring cleaning season, you can extend the lifecycle of your goods, which helps the environment while creating employment programs in our community. After you donate, why not also spend some time shopping at Goodwill and help out even more?

Matt Paxton is one of the top downsizing and decluttering experts in the country. He is the host of the 2-time Emmy nominated series Legacy List with Matt Paxton on PBS and was a featured cleaner on the hit television show HOARDERS for over 15 seasons. Matt is also the author of the best-selling book, Keep the Memories, Lose the Stuff. Paxton started cleaning out houses after his father, stepfather and both grandfathers died in the same year. This fueled Matt’s passion and is the reason Matt continues to work with families struggling with hoarding and downsizing. Visit iammattpaxton.com for additional resources related to downsizing, organizing and decluttering.

Did this article inspire you to start your spring cleaning? Donate those unwanted items and give them a new life! ♻️ We make donating easy. Find a drop-off location or schedule a pick-up: www.gwisco.org/donations

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