Your things transform lives.

Everyone has a past, even the donated items we receive every day at our retail stores and donation centers. It’s what we do with the future that matters.

Since 1959, Goodwill of South Central Ohio has been selling your unwanted things to help fund services to change the lives of those with disabilities and challenges across our eight-county region. Our mission services team works with hundreds of individuals and businesses every year. Below are a dozen stories from the past year of how your support has impacted others. THANK YOU!

Where your things start new lives.

While every Goodwill region is independently incorporated and overseen by local boards, Goodwill International assists us in different ways including helping raise awareness of our mission. The New Lives campaign debuted in 2023 puts emphasis on that by using real people helped by Goodwill organizations. You can read their stories and learn more about the campaign at Goodwill.org.

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